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Scenic buses & family friendly days out in Severn Bridge

The Severn Bridge, a marvel of engineering connecting England and Wales, holds both practical and tourist appeal. Spanning the picturesque River Severn estuary, this iconic suspension bridge offers travellers breath-taking scenic vistas and a dramatic entry into Wales.

Its sleek, sweeping lines and towering pylons make it a compelling sight for photography and a symbol of cross-border unity. Visitors can stop at the Severn View Services for panoramic views and refreshments, or explore nearby attractions like Chepstow Castle and the Wye Valley. The Severn Bridge is not just a practical gateway; it's a scenic landmark that enhances the travel experience and celebrates the beauty of the British landscape.

Bus routes in Severn Bridge

Bohemian Bristol to Chepstow across The Severn on TrawsCymru T7

TrawsCymru T7

Bristol to Chepstow via Clifton Down, Westbury Park & Cribbs Causeway

Bridging England & Wales the eco-friendly way from the heart of Bristol through Clifton Downs & Westbury Park to Chepstow, where you can connect to other scenic delights across Wales.

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