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The Song of the Clyde

Article written and published on: 31st May 2024

Article written by Scenic Buses

I made this journey ( unplanned ) in mid May . Braehead and Greenock don’t sound very romantic but it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the whole journey was terrific. Yes !
Even Greenock!!

The variety of scenery – from the bustling streets of Glasgow then along the river to Greenock and down the coast via Wemyss Bay to Largs was a real delight!

For £6 it’s a terrific day out . Arrived in Largs around 3.30 . Had a 99 flake in Nardinis and then back to Glasgow a couple of hours later . The bus was busy; almost full during first part of journey. Mainly because it was Sunday I think? I expect its quieter on weekdays?

Well done McGills for running this service!! Should get an award from Scottish Tourist Board!

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