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Open-top blue bus tour around The New Forest – Brockenhurst | Burley | New Milton | Lymington

The New Forest Tour runs every day of the week, to the same timetable, until 17th September 2023. Hop on board now before you run out of time!

Blue route - Breathtaking views of the New Forest from the top deck of an open top bus - there's surely no better way to spend your day!

Blue route - Brockenhurst to New Milton & Lymington loop

This scenic bus route is operated by The New Forest Tour

Does this service run all year
or seasonal

This is a Summer only service


Buses run roughly hourly, every day

Concession passes

This route does not accept concessionary bus passes.

Breathtaking views of the New Forest from the top deck of an open top bus – there’s surely no better way to spend your day!

The tour will run again from June 2023, where you can enjoy outstanding views of the New Forest National Park – wandering ponies, pretty villages and magical landscapes. There are three great bus routes for you to enjoy – this is the Blue tour between Brockenhurst, Burley, New Milton & Lymington.

Hop on and off wherever you like and catch the next Tour bus, or switch between routes, all on the same ticket! Hear the stories of the people, places and animals of the New Forest on the audio commentary – with characters, sounds and music, bringing the view to life.

Take in a walk or cycle ride from the Tour (bikes go free) and dogs are also welcome on the Tour. Ride open-top through the treetops and experience the New Forest as you’ve never seen it before.

Tickets & passes for a grand scenic adventure

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This listing was last updated on 27th August 2023

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